Fluid Collective is an aesthetic.


Fluid Collective is music, visuals, improvisation, a way of shaping sounds and concepts.

It is an open group of people, drawing inspiration from different genres and different arts.

It is a space where the specific individualities of the artists who collaborate create something new, unpredictable and unique.




Fluid Collective was born in Boston in 2014.

Alessio Pignorio (guitar), Daniele Germani (saxophone) and Giuseppe Campisi (bass) met during their studies at Berklee College of Music.
This trio, which represents the backbone of the collective, has been working over the years with several musicians in different settings, ranging from small ensemble to big band. Bob Moses, George Garzone, Dick Oatts are among the artists who have contributed to the artistic growth of the project.

Fluid Collective has performed extensively in the United States and in Europe. In 2016 the band has been awarded the first prize at prestigious Conad Jazz Contest, given by the Umbria Jazz Foundation. This has allowed the collective to perform its music during Umbria Jazz '16 as well at Umbria Jazz Winter #24.

At the end of 2016, Fluid Collective has published its first album, In The Woods, and it is now completing the second work, The A’dam Chapter.

The group is now pushing its boundaries incorporating elements of production and electronic music, blending them with its peculiar aesthetic, which ranges from improvised music to pop.